Bronze CC Outdoor Junior Training 2021

Bronze CC Outdoor Junior Training 2021

Session Outline

The ECB have published guidelines which now allow ‘Organised Sporting Activity’, whilst still maintaining social distancing of two (2) metres.

This means that we can hold group sessions with no limit on numbers per session apart from the normal safeguarding restrictions

Bronze Cricket Club intends to run 2 sessions (U12s and Older on a Friday night from 18:00-19:30 and U11s and younger on a Saturday morning from 09:00-10:30) starting on Friday the 9th of April.

This is in line with how sessions ran before the Coronavirus Pandemic.


For Insurance purposes and to enable contact tracing all participants of these sessions need to provide contact details. This can be done by clicking this link. There is a £2 charge for each individual session. This can be paid on the day and recorded in the register that will be provided.

If you are unable to comply with these rules then, unfortunately, you will not be able to attend the sessions.

Ground Rules

Displaying Symptoms of COVID-19

  1. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature above 37.8 °C, a persistent cough, breathing problems, a new loss of taste or smell or other symptoms identified by the UK Government) must stay at home and self-isolate in accordance with the UK Government guidance.
  2. All members of the same household must do the same even if they do not display symptoms.


  1. Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after use of the facility.
  2. Please bring your own hand sanitiser where possible. If this isn’t possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting the club.
  3. Travel together as a household
  4. Avoid Public Transport


  1. Please try to arrive at the Club as close to the session start time as possible. If you do arrive early, then please stay in your vehicle until told it is OK to exit.
  2. We kindly ask that all parents stay in their vehicles when the sessions are ongoing to avoid contact with other households. Current ECB guidance prohibits Spectators, including parents from attending the sessions.


  1. Participants should bring their own equipment (including a bat and either a hard / soft ball. The club will not be providing any personal equipment in line with the ECB guidelines.
  2. Equipment is not to be shared by any participants during the sessions
  3. All participants should bring their own filled drinking bottles. The facilities to refill bottles or purchase drinks will not be available
  4. Equipment including bat, ball and drinks should be kept in a zipped bag when not in use. Individual areas to leave equipment will be allocated to each participant.

Social Distancing

  1. It is imperative that Social Distancing of two (2) metres is maintained at all times. Please advise your child on this fact before you arrive for the sessions.
  2. All the sessions will be set up to maintain this 2m distance between all participants including coaches.

Nets / Clubhouse

  1. The nets remain closed at this time apart from the specific use in Training Sessions.
  2. None of the clubhouse facilities are open for use except for the use of First-Aid and Toilet provisions.


  1. Once your session has finished please exit the Club as promptly as possible. If this is not possible then please remain in your vehicle until you are able to leave.
  2. Any concerns regarding the sessions or facilities should be put to a coach or committee member.

By signing up to and attending these sessions, you agree to the above terms and conditions. These rules are in line with current ECB guidelines and are there to ensure the safety of all people attending the Club’s facilities, including Parents.

Anyone who flouts these rules will unfortunately be asked to leave to ensure the Club’s compliance with current legislation.


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